Thursday, January 10, 2019

Waking, Continued

In London Below, the unseen denizens continued about their business. Those who cared, continued to mourn the passing of Hunter, the greatest of body guards and killer of mythical beasts.

No one thought about Croup and Vandemar, except to be thankful not to cross paths with them. No one really knew what transpired with them and the angel Islington because Door, Richard and de Carabas did not share the details of their last encounter with the general populace. Very few had believed that angel Islington had ever existed anyway, so no one thought about him, except Richard Mayhew from time to time.

Richard had been returned to London Above after the encounter, but found he no longer belonged there. As the only successful petitioner to survive The Ordeal of the Black Friars, he had earned some small power over reality and was able to return with de Carabas' help to London Below... and to the Lady Door.

Since returning, he was part and parcel of the house of Portico; he and the Lady Door began their search for Door's younger brother, whom Islington hinted was still alive after he admitted he orchestrated Croup and Vandermar's assignment to kill the Portico family. Young Arch Portico's  location was not forthcoming as Islington was jettisoned into space, rather than to the Heaven he had planned on overthrowing.  And so it was up to Door, Richard, and whomever else they could enlist - to help find the boy, if indeed, he still lived.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Waking, Continued

Islington spent countless hours devising cunning plans to exact revenge on Door and Richard Mayhew. Each one more fantastic than the one before. It kept his mind occupied as he fell in the vast emptiness of space.

Having lost count of time and orientation, it was with some surprise that Islington was jolted from his regular mental activity, having recognized a star cluster. The Hyades, or Face of Taurus looked at him with a jovial wink. That put him a mere 150 or so light years away from Earth.

This revelation caused Islington to consider a number of things that had not crossed his mind before this moment.

First, that the portal that Door opened which sent him careening into the void of space might have been pointed toward earth, not away, as he had originally assumed.

And secondly, he was an Angel - god damned perhaps, but an Angel nonetheless, and he had not even attempted to direct or adjust his trajectory, let alone FLY which as he vaguely recalled was one of the perks of being an angel. Even a twice fallen one.

Friday, January 4, 2019


If you don't know where Wolfram & Hart is from, I suggest you binge watch the "Angel" spinoff from "Buffy" the Vampire Slayer's universe.

They were (or in an alternate universe - are) a supernatural law firm - evil, of course, because let's face it - how many Good law firms are there in any of the multiverses?

If they were in existence in this universe, they most certainly would be having a fun time since there are so many public figures in need of legal assistance these days, and so many shades of gray to manipulate into soul-wrenching and soul-stealing opportunities.

I'd like to think that somehow they would wind up impressed by how easily some soul-selling individuals have climbed the social and political ladders. Maybe with their help, maybe just blind luck.

Would the Winchester boys be a thorn in the side of the Board of Directors at Wolfram & Hart? Or would they be unwitting pawns?

Would Constantine cut a deal with W&H in order to redeem a child's soul from Hell?

Would W&H try to connect with and sign on - Venom - as an asset for possible future assignments?

If you write Fan Fiction, and have explored any of these concepts - let me know. I'd love to share a link to your work!

Hey, I'd love to read your stuff!

I'm thinking of putting together an online fan fiction critique group - so we can all help each other get better at our craft - anyone out there interested?

I'll have W&H draw up a confidentiality agreement - heh heh heh.

Leave a comment if you're interested and if I get more than 3 folks who want to do this, I'll post more details.

Happy New Year in whatever universe you live in...

Sunday, December 9, 2018


Well this is embarrassing - I stumbled on this blog (which is my blog) now, eight years later, and I am wondering what in heaven's name caused me to misplace this thing?

Not to mention, I have oh-so-many new musings on characters written and in visual media (like, hmmm, maybe Deadpool meeting up with the crew of STNG in one of those, very popular, time line mess-ups; or maybe Deadpool meets Dr. Who).

Plus while I lurked on a local Writers group through their Facebook pages for 7 of the eight years I misplaced this blog, I now belong to it (Writers of Kern), just got pinned as an Active Member, and am also volunteering as their Volunteer Coordinator. Which just means, I need to step up to the desk and write my little fingers to the bone to be worthy.

So now that I have found you again, Wolfram&Hart blog, I will be working on fan fiction items to post to you... viva la blog!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A force for good

Just a quick question, if you are out there, and are reading this post - what do YOU think constitutes a force for good?  Is it a state of mind?  Do you have to actually DO good works?  Or is it enough to refrain from doing BAD things?

Just thought I'd ask your opinion...

Ever Wonder

Imagine if the various deliciously evil or at least delicious characters crossed over to interact - how would "Buffy's" Spike and Angel compare with "Merry Gentry's" Frost and Doyle?  Would Queen Andais try to recruit Angel for the Queen's Ravens?  Would Darla, as an evil vamp - be one of Prince Cel's guards, or King Sholto's?  I love the mix of characters in both universes... just as I enjoy Harry Dresden's world.  Would Spike, Angel, Frost and Doyle become part of the White Court of vamps in Dresden's Files? 

And then, how would Team Edward (or Team Jacob) fit with these various 'verses?  My mind boggles at the enormous fun it would be to introduce these characters to one another, just to see what would happen.  The various super and preternatural creatures, powers, etc would be a blast to play with.

For now, I guess, they will simply have to swim around in my brain... the stuff that dreams are made of.

Monday, March 8, 2010


The angel Islington was right royally pissed. He had been floating in space for what seemed ages, and as a fallen angel, HE KNEW what ages felt like. It was all that Richard Mayhew's fault, and somehow, someway, Islington was going to get his revenge.

He had watched serenely as Croup and Vandemar suffocated slowly in the expanse of space, their trajectory sending them in the vicinity of Sirious, the dog star. He wondered absently if they would spring back to life if they should land on a planet with oxygen in its atmosphere, and then chuckled at himself for thinking their bodies would survive the friction of entry into the atmosphere.

That last had amused him somewhat. But mostly he remained ired. His mind turned over the features of Richard Mayhew and Door until sometimes they were merged in his mind as a single entity. Still, he continued. Existence as a projectile in space is at best, boring. Had Islington been happily bored at the time of his ejection, he might have just gone to sleep until hitting something but instead, he had his anger to fuel wakefullness.